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Knabusch Mathematics and Science Center

Our Mission

Monroe Public Schools, the Monroe County Intermediate School District, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources are working together in partnership towards the continuing development of the Charles & June Knabusch Mathematics & Science Center. The facility provides students with hands-on experiences in the natural world using Lake Erie and the surrounding environment as a learning laboratory for problem solving, observing, and discovery. The center’s primary purpose is to integrate into the school system and region knowledge and stewardship for their local environment, primarily Lake Erie and its surrounding environment. The facility, located in Bolles Harbor, has deep-water access to Lake Erie, 2 large ponds, and a diverse set of terrestrial environments.

The center has resulted in the district-wide dissemination of a comprehensive program to meet science, technology, and other educational outcomes through the study of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The Knabusch Mathematics & Science Center is addressing both environmental and scientific literacy issues. Water is used as the interdisciplinary theme that connects the school, teachers, and students with their community and the natural environment. This theme uses Lake Erie, local rivers, ponds, wetlands, groundwater, and drinking water to engage students in scientific discovery.

We are demonstrating how a public school can integrate the local environment into all aspects of their K-12 curriculum. This facility and its programs will improve standardized test scores, and increase excitement among the students about their education. Another goal is to promote leadership, and establish a learning environment that motivates all students to attain and apply the knowledge and skills in mathematics and science necessary to meet the challenges of a modern, technological society.

Presently (2012-13) sixteen high school classes (Biology and Ecology) are being taught at the center. Various field trip opportunities are available for all county elementary students. This year over 1000 students will have taken advantage of this. Also offered are a variety of summer day camps, as well as professional development opportunities for educations. For more information please contact Tom Green, Coordinator. He can be reached via email at tom.green@monroeisd.us or by phone (734) 265-5202.

William “Tom” Green, Coordinator
Monroe Public Schools / Monroe County ISD
Knabusch Mathematics & Science Center
6670 Waters Edge Drive
Monroe, MI 48161


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